Master the Art of Cooking in Your Platinum Cooking System!

You might have noticed how easy it is to prepare your family’s favorite dish in Platinum, so don’t stop there!  Below you will find our favorite recipes and recipes from others.  Maybe you haven’t tried making Lasagna on the stove top yet or your Thanksgiving Turkey in the Platinum Oval Roaster on the stove top.  Watching these videos, you will notice how easy it is to prepare anything.  Can you imagine, everyone in your family sitting down at the table before you actually call them to come eat.


Coconut Curry Veggies Over Rice Prepared in The Platinum Wok!

Coconut Curry Veggies Over Rice!
When your family wants a great meal fast, try this one. It’s so easy and quick. Prep Time is about 10 minutes but, the cooking time is about 15-20 minutes. Add your favorite meat or seafood to it if you want to. It’s Gluten Free and Taste Great! We used the Platinum Wok, the 4 Quart and the 1.8 Quart to make this meal!
As always, the clean-up is easy, easy! Enjoy!
Check out our Blog for the written recipe.

Hard Cooked Eggs In Platinum Cookware WITH NO WATER!!!

Cooking eggs in Platinum Cookware has just made your life a lot better. Have you ever hardboiled eggs for a dinner and the smell of sulfur filled your house making a very unpleasant odor. With the Platinum Cooking System, No More Stinky Sulfur Smells. Plus, the gray-green sulfur ring is gone from around your beautiful bright yellow yolk. Your eggs are going to taste like you’ve never tasted them before….Eggcellent!

BBQ Chicken Prepared in the Platinum Grill Pan

Tired of burning your BBQ Chicken? Tired of Cleaning up the outside grill. Experience BBQ chicken in Platinum Cookware, expecially the Platinum Grill Pan. Simple, easy and the clean up is a breeze! Check out our blog for Ritchie’s Secret BBQ Sauce Recipe.

Cooking Artichokes In Platinum Cookware

Cooking artichokes in Platinum has never been easier and you don’t have to fill the cooking vessel up with water to cook them. When you are at the market buying artichokes, choose the chokes where the petals are still closed, not open. These tend to be more fresh and tender. Enjoy!

Harmony Prepared Using Platinum Cookware

Millet is an ancient grain, with a mildly sweet flavor, it’s tasty, soothing, non-acid forming, and contains a myriad of beneficial nutrients. Enjoy this grain for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In Harmony, we have added green and red onions, tomatoes and avacado. This combonation is indeed a harmony of fresh flavors to excite your taste buds.

Fresh Garden Beets Prepared In Platinum Cookware

Don’t like beets? Not enough taste? Well, you have to try cooking them in Platinum Cookware. The taste will just explode in your mouth. The beets are packed with wholesome goodness and plenty of healthy nutrients for your blood. This is the way beets were meant to be prepared. Simple, easy and great tasting! This is a must try.

Watermelon Cake from The Platinum Chefs (not cooked in Platinum Cookware)!

WOW…What an awesome summer dessert. No cooking required with this cake. This is one way to keep your kitchen cool during a hot summer day. Thank you to our guest Chef Christina for helping make this recipe come to life. She is an amazing person and loves cooking with her Platinum Cookware. Share this with others and you will acquire more friends…FAST!

Zucchini Spaghetti and Kabocha Squash Sauce prepared in Platinum Cookware!

Want to experience a more healthy spaghetti and sauce that is not processed and tastes fabulous. Try this Zucchini Spaghetti and Kabocha Squash Sauce. It is fantastic! The zucchini spaghetti was made using a food spiralizer from West Mark. This meal is a great alternative for those wanting to cut out wheat and other pastas. Just one note, the Kabocha Squash is already cooked and I removed the outer skin!

Kabocha Squash In the Platinum Cooking System! One word…AWESOME! !

Do you like squash? Have you ever tried Kabocha Squash? If not you’re in for a treat. If you’ve never cooked it in Platinum Cookware, it’s a must. Platinum brings out the flavor of any foods cooked in it. Kabocha squash is one of a few members of the squash family where you can eat the outer skin or covering. This squash is pack with flavor and nutrition. So, sit back and enjoy! Use it in Soups, sauces or just eat it from the cookware, It’s OK, go ahead. My Bad, I spelled Kabocha with a “C” on the video. Sorry, it’s with a “K”!

Oatmeal Cooked in Platinum Cookware!

You’re in for a treat. Oatmeal has never tasted so good. You can cook rolled, cracked, steel cut and even the whole oat berry or groat. We like to cut the oats in a blender just before we cook them so we don’t lose any nutritional value.

Grilled Potato in the Platinum Grill Pan

This is one of our most popular recipes requested by our customers. Grilled potato fry’s in the Platinum Grill Pan are AMAZING! You don’t even have to add oil to the pan. The fries are soft and delicious. Sprinkle with your favorite seasoning, put a video in your Blu-Ray player and sit back and enjoy. I know you won’t eat just one.

Best Pancakes Ever Done in Platinum Cookware!

Ever wondered if you could prepare healthier pancakes with out using any oil in the batter and no oil, butter or spray on the pan. With the Platinum Cooking system, YOU CAN! Best Tasting Pancakes Ever!

Perfect Rice in Platinum Every Time!

Have you ever imagined cooking rice perfectly every time you tried. Well, in Platinum Cookware, your dreams become reality. Cooking rice has never been soooo easy. White rice, brown rice or even your favorite boxed par boiled rice turns out perfect every time.

Perfect Eggs-Every Time in Platinum Cookware!

Discover how to make perfect eggs each and ever time you cook. Scambled, over easy, sunny side-up, you decide. In Platinum, eggs are simple and the clean-up…easy!

Lucinda’s SunShine Salad

Want a healthy salad for lunch or dinner. Try Lucinda’s SunShine Salad. Packed with vitamins and great tasting veggies. Prepared with the Platinum Food Processor. This amazing food processor is very easy to use. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Lasagna

Platinum Cookware allows you to cook foods 50% faster and they taste a whole lot better.
In this segment, we did a Gluten Free Lasagna which is out of this world. Not kidding…I ate the whole thing by myself, and it only took 30 minutes from start to finish!

Sauteed Veggies with Salmon

This is a great easy to prepare dinner for two. It really only takes minutes to prepare. Enjoy! If you have any questions, call us!

Turkey in Platinum

Roasting a turkey in Platinum cookware. Video done by Foto. Foto and her husband Antony are great friends of ours living in Portland. They live at sea level and so her cooking time and temperature is a bit different than ours at our elevation.

Corn on the Cob without water in Platinum

Watch Fotoula cook corn on the cob without water in Platinum Cookware! Foto and her husband Antony are great friends of ours living in Portland. They live at sea level and so her cooking time and temperature is a bit different than ours at our elevation.

Hashbrowns in Platinum Cookware

Video done by Foto. Foto and her husband Antony are great friends of ours living in Portland. They live at sea level and so her cooking time and temperature is a bit different than ours at our elevation.

Waterless Hard Boiled Eggs Platinum Cookware

Learn how to hard “boil” eggs in Platinum without water!  Video done by Foto. Foto and her husband Antony are great friends of ours living in Portland. They live at sea level and so her cooking time and temperature is a bit different than ours at our elevation.

Cooking vegetables without water in Platinum

How to cook veggies without water in Platinum cookware.  Video done by Foto.

Features and Cooking Combinations of the Platinum 21 Piece Package

Featuring the Platinum 21 piece starter package, we demonstrate just what you can do with your new package of the Platinum Cooking System.  This cookware is so easy to use and the different cooking combinations make Platinum Cookware one of the most fun to use on the Planet.  So, sit back and enjoy all the things you can do with the Platinum Cooking System.