Veggie Potato Boats

Veggie Potato Boats
Healthy Solutions
Serves:  A Lot
Featured Platinum Cookware: 12 Quart and Large Skillet

This is a fun meal to prepare with your children.  Your imagination is all that is needed.  You pick what ingredients you place in the boats.Stuffed potatoes

To start, take the Platinum 12 Quart Roaster with cover and place 22-23 medium potatoes in the roaster (washed and scrubbed) and place ¼ cup water in with the potatoes.  Cover the 12 quart, turn your stove on to medium temperature.  When the TempAlert Knob reads 90 C, turn your heat to 2 and set your timer for 50 – 60 minutes (depends on the size of potatoes you are using, the bigger the potatoes, the more time needed).  Text potatoes by sticking them with a knife.  The knife will easily go in without resistance when potatoes are done.

In the Platinum Large Skillet place those veggies (without water of course) that your family likes and cover.  Turn your stove to medium and when the TempAlert Knob reads 80 C, turn to low and set you timer for 12-15 minutes.  The more color in your veggies the better.  Kids like color.  You might want to start the veggies about 30 minutes into the cooking of the potatoes so they are done at the same time.

Once the potatoes are done, remove and slice off 1/3 of the potato (lying on its side) and scoop out the large portion of the potato, leaving about ¼ inch of potato in the peel.   Place your chopped veggie mixture into the potato and serve.  The 1/3 of the potato you cut offf, save, season and eat at a later time as a fry.

You could also make a gravy and lightly pour over the top of the veggies and potato.  Season as desired and enjoy!

The whole potatoes that are left over, place them in the fridge to cool.  Tomorrow you can make a great Potato Salad by using cone #3 and your food cutter.  Add your favorite potato salad ingredients, season, mix and enjoy.



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