Mac and Squash

Ever want a healty version of Mac and Cheese, Well, here it is.  It’s even Gluten Free

Mac and Squashmacandsquash

Serves 4-6

Featured Platinum Cookware:  Platinum 4 Quart and 1.8 Quart

1/2 package Goldbaum’s Gluten Free Penne Rice Pasta
1/2 can Sprouts Organic Pumpkin
1/2 can Pacific Friend Coconut Milk
1/4 tsp Sprouts Organic Curry powder, salt free

Bring 4 cups purified water to boil on medium heat in Platinum 4 qt.  Add pasta and stir.  Cover.  Set timer for 3, stir, cover, set for another
3 minutes.  Turn heat off.  Stir and cover.  Set timer for 15 minutes.  Drain.

Sauce:  mix  the remaining ingredients in Platinum 1.8 qt.  Cover.  On medium-low heat bring the temperature to 30C.  Pour over drained pasta.  Mix gently.  Serve warm with a green salad.

Costco carries the pasta.  Reams carries the Coconut milk.  Sprouts carries the other two.  This recipe is a respectable replacement for traditional Macaroni and Cheese; all of the assets, none of the liabilities.  Whole grain, gluten free, dairy free, salt free, chemical free goodness.


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