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Host a Healthy Cooking Class.

As people have stated, “Let the fun begin!

Healthy Solutions invites you to have fun hosting a healthy cooking class with you and a few of your friends in the comfort of your own home while you take a night off of cooking.  We will do that for you.  We bring the food, prepare it and even clean up afterwards.  Can’t beat that.

We are very low-key in our presentations.  Our presentation is designed to ensure that you and your guest have a very enjoyable time learning about waterless and greaseless cooking, how to lower cholesterol and teaching how to prepare heart healthy meals that will help you feel better, look better and live a longer healthier life.

HostinggroupDuring the class, you will learn how to cut about 50% off the time you spend in the kitchen while learning to:

  • Reduce fats and oils during cooking
  • Prepare healthier foods your family will like
  • Prevent nutritional loss in your prepared foods
  • Choose the right foods to prevent diseases

Hosting a healthy cooking class gives you a chance to relax, sit back and enjoy your friends while leaving the food preparation, cooking and clean-up to us.  As the hostess, you will receive a very special gift from Healthy Solutions, our way of saying thanks.

Contact us at 801-679-4227 today and schedule your Healthy Cooking Class Today!

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