Grilling Plantain Bananas With No Oil!

What is that big banana?
It looks really rugged, not very appetizing and over ripe. Displayed in the fruit area next to the regular bananas,
why would anybody buy that old looking thing?

Wow! What a Treat!

We were introduced to the Plantain Banana by Q and Elvia A. They purchased the Platinum Cookware and
just LOVE IT. They shared this recipe with us and I can’t get enough Plantains. They are sweet, firm
and really, really good.

The old way to prepare them was frying them in oil. Plantains-theoldway
The new way…grilling them in the Platinum Grill Pan with no oil!.

No More harmful deep fried oils clogging up the heart.
It’s More Heart Healthy!

Here are the grilling instructions:

Plantains in the Platinum Grill Pan
Healthy Solutions

Plantains are ready to grill when they have turned dark brown.
The yellow ones have not yet reached the sweetness we’re looking for.
If you have purchased yellow looking plantains keep then on your kitchen counter until they have
reached ripe perfection.Plantains-thenewway

Heat the grill pan on medium heat with the lid on.
Open a fully ripe plantain by removing the peel and slice on the diagonal 1/2 cm thick slices.
Lay out on the cutting board and spray each slice with a bit of coconut oil spray.
When temperature reads 50C on the TempAlert Knob, place the slices, sprayed side down in the grill pan.

Replace the lid and leave it 10 minutes.
If the temperature hovers at 80 C that is perfect.
If it starts to pass 80 remove the lid and turn the slices over. They should show some medium toasty
looking grill marks. It will take about 5 minutes for the other side to cook.
Leave the lid on and turn the heat down if need be.

The temperature should not go over 80 C for the remaining 5 minutes.




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