Grilled Potatoes in the Platinum Grill Pan

Grilled Potatoes in the Platinum Grill PanGrilled Potatoes

Featured Platinum Pan:

This is a great dinner or side dish anytime during the year with very little prep time.

Preheat the Platinum Grill Pan to 50 Celsius on medium heat.  While the pan is heating, wash and scrub the potatoes, slice in half then place cut potatoes in a bowl of water for about 5 minutes.  Place potatoes (cut side down) on paper towels to dry.  Place potatoes face down in the Grill Pan, cover and set your timer for 35 minutes.  When done, the potatoes are perfectly grilled, soft insides but the grilled areas are crisp.  Call your family to the table and place your favorite topping on the potato or sprinkle olive oil on the cut side and add Spike or 21 Salute from Trader Joes.

Explanation about the TempAlert being higher than 50 Celsius, When I was washing the potatoes I saw a Cottontail rabbit enjoying some fresh produce in my garden so I went out of chase it off and by the time I returned, the temperature was up to 70 Celsius.  It still worked fine, the potatoes were fabulous.

Next time, we will show you how easy it is to grill rabbit in the grill pan… Just kidding, it ran off into the neighbor’s yard.







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