Cooking Classes


Our FREE Cooking Classes

Every month, Healthy Solutions and the Platinum Cooking Company are pleased to invite you to our FREE cooking classes which are held at our demonstration arena located at our office.  Our classes are designed to educate and give you guidance in using your Platinum Cooking System.  In our relaxed and easy-going atmosphere, you will have the chance to learn how to prepare and try a wide range of healthy nutritious recipes (which sometimes incorporates Asian, English and Filipino, just to name a few).  It is also an opportunity for you to receive GIFTS… GIFTS… and did I mention GIFTS in our prize give away event.  The Platinum Cooking Company sometimes provides Platinum Cookware pieces at a discounted price so, don’t miss a single class.

We provide you with ideas for you to consider on how you can use and maintain your Platinum Cookware.  Classes are fun, insightful and they provide a way for you to meet other people.  The end result, you always come away from a class with the feeling of confidence and peace of mind that what you learned will help you and your family’s health well into the future.

Past classes have touched on preparing foods for people with Diabetes, Celiac, and Cancer.  Learn how to prepare some amazing meals.

Please RSVP for each class that you plan on attending.  We don’t want to run out of food for you to taste.  Call to RSVP at (801) 679-4227 or send an email to Healthy Solutions.

See you at our next class!