About Us


We truly believe everyone deserves to have the knowledge and tools to be as healthy as they can. We also know wholesome and healthy foods nourish the body, mind and spirit. We believe Healthy Solutions can assist families in bringing the joy of cooking back into the kitchen.

With the way we live our busy lives, it feels almost impossible to be able to eat healthy meals because of the time it takes to prepare them. People who try to eat healthy feel punished because sometimes healthy food can be more expensive than the easier to grab processed food that is so handy for people on the go. Because we work long hours, run our kids around from place to place, create deadlines and all our other responsibilities, we often just grab foods that are easy, instead of foods that are healthy. Real life happens, and in the rush to satisfy daily hungers and desires, we may succumb to less-than-healthy eating choices.

Healthy Solutions is helping families return to the kitchen. Family meals are an important part of eating healthy. Not only do children have a better diet when they eat with their family but they do better in school, learn family values and traditions and communication between children and parents improves. We will show you how to prepare meals in half the time, retain 90% of the nutrition in your food, lower your cooking energy costs by 50% and reduce your grocery bill up to 25% a month.

We enjoy teaching families how to prepare and eat healthier foods using simple techniques and the right cookware. At our demonstration kitchen, we demonstrate just how easy it is to prepare delicious healthy recipes using our Professional Platinum Cookware System. You will experience fresh cooking ideas along with ways to increase your health just by eating the correct foods. We also hold classes on other aspects of healthy living. As a part of the Healthy Solutions Family, you are enrolled in all these training classes.